Fire Alarm Services

EWS Fire Alarm experts offer top-of-the-line design, filing, installation, & third-party consulting services


We are a full service, non-proprietary fire alarm design, filing, installation, & code consulting company. From routine fire alarm inspections to large scale upgrades, we are the company in New York City and Long Island, NY that you can count on to keep your fire alarm system maintained and code compliant. Our engineers and NICET-certified fire alarm specialists are well versed in NFPA codes and local AHJ requirements. We are a one-stop shop for all your fire alarm needs. Please see some of our services listed in detail below:

What we offer


Engineering & Design Services

  • Fire Alarm system design for multiple Lo-Rise / Hi-Rise occupancies such as, but not limited to:
    • Assembly Spaces
    • Business Spaces
    • Educational Facilities
    • Factory & Industrial Space
    • Mercantile Space
    • R-1 Residential Spaces (Hotel/Motel, short occupancy)
    • R-2 Residential Spaces (Apartment Building homes)
  • Fire Protection Plan Design
  • Fire Safety / Evacuation Plan Design
  • Auxiliary Radio Communication System Design (ARCS)


Filing & Expediting Services

  • Filing/expediting of all Occupancy groups HIGHRISE or LO-Rise Fire Alarm system designs.
  • File/expedite fire protection plan designs
  • File/expedite fire safety plan designs
  • Requesting / Scheduling FDNY Inspection with the Fire Alarm Unit. Under unique circumstances we can provide immediate RUSH inspections.
  • Prepare & File FDNY Variance requests required for buildings/premises looking to have AHJ allow them deviations from code/inspection requirements.
  • Prepare & File CCD1 requests with the DOB in the case a premise is looking to provide a unique install in their building and requires the blessing of the DOB to move forward with their construction.
  • Provision of Temporary Certificate of Occupancy services. We are extremely well versed in providing affidavits signed/sealed by our in-house professional engineer which we submit to the DOB Commissioners office and get approved in all NYC Boroughs.
  • We have the ability to provide Tenant occupancy Affidavits as well in the case an entity needs to occupy there tenant space within an approved base building and FDNY has not came to inspect their premise.
  • We provide Violation Removal services.
  • Building profile searches which can help building owners keep in check open notices of violations they have received on their properties.
  • We can also attend Environmental Control Board violation hearings in all boroughs and work with the AHJ to remove violations/lift fines/ reduce fines/ buy time to satisfy AHJ Requirements.


Fire Alarm System Installation & Programming services

  • Provision High-quality fire alarm components from leading manufacturers.
  • Advanced fire detection technologies for enhanced safety.
  • Tailored solutions to meet specific safety requirements.
  • Expert advice on selecting the best parts for your system.
  • Customized programming for optimal system performance.
  • Regular system inspections and testing to ensure functionality.
  • Troubleshooting and repair services for any issues.
  • Compliance with local fire safety regulations and standards.
  • Professional installation by certified technicians.
  • integration with existing safety systems.
  • Post-installation support and follow-up services to ensure customer satisfaction.


Fire Alarm Pre-Inspection & Consulting Services

Our firm provides 3rd party inspection/consulting services for our clients to ensure their Fire Alarm systems are operating/installed as designed in a code compliant and performance based manner. Our Field Engineers are NICET Certified & have a DECADES experience attending countless FDNY Inspections. EWS’s team will conduct a full simulation of the FDNY Fire Alarm Units inspection method ensuring there would be no surprises on the day of a live test with FDNY. We also attend the actual inspections and walk alongside FDNY to ensure a smooth visit at your site.

We highly recommend our consulting/testing services to ensure your fire alarm system is designed, Installed, & programmed accurately to pass FDNY Inspections and get you to your TCO/CO as fast as possible.

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